my ghosts, and yours.

by milkymaze

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women who haunt


(from japanese folklore)


released March 23, 2017

album art: belladonna of sadness, 1973



all rights reserved
Track Name: woman with boulder (one clastic crone)
i'm soaked in blood from the waist down
you tell me to put my gown on
because it's easier to make a ghost out of me
than witness the loss of pure fragility

move your hands away from me please
cradle the waste of a being

try to stand up straight with the crushing weight of neglected humanity

my gown's soaked in blood from the waist down
Track Name: woman with bones (king of flowers)
you gave me a bouquet of peonies
its stems crushed by your hands
as brittle as the bones beneath my skin
the petals thrust towards the damned
as fickle and alone as i have been
left in the darkness

i gathered the remains
to make a light as bright
as the bloodstained blame
you've entrusted with me
evening is coming

my fingers drape my nicest dress over my frail body
then grip the lantern shaped by the mess you've granted me

i make my way to you
as i was asked to do

my mortal cage no longer disguised
you're shocked to see me
i apologize
Track Name: woman with somnambulism (a floating head)
when i sleep
my head moves away from me

i try to be still
so it can find its way back to my body

don't wake me

don't move your hands from my neck
or you will see
the scar drawing me apart, detaching

just let me sleep
let me be weak
just let me sleep